Haplotype Labs was founded in 2024 to improve human healthspan with dramatic improvements to the security, accessibility, and sophistication of population genetics software and polygenic risk scores.


Previously, Mike served as the VP & Chief Architect at 23andMe. Mike's tenure at 23andMe spanned a 15+ year category-defining journey from Series A through IPO and beyond. Mike led technology and teams developing the company’s commercial offerings, FDA cleared direct-to-consumer medical device, industry leading ancestry products, security, machine learning, and breakthrough research platforms. Prior to 23andMe, Mike was an early engineer at salesforce.com during a time rapid growth.
Mike holds a BS in CS from Cornell University, and an MS in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford University.
Mike holds multiple patents related to cloud computing, security, genetics, and machine learning.
He is a proud husband and father to two kids and one golden retriever. Mike & family live in Orinda, CA.

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